Juggler Salt and Pepper


Assistant Designer: Lucas Andrade

Can you pass the salt please?

It was vacation time and i was with my family at the beach. My family is very big so we have a very long table. We were having dinner when someone in the corner asked for the salt shaker. It was located at the opposite side so it took a long time until it finally arrived to the other side.

It was a funny situation. I was curious about and found myself asking: is there another way to do this? Transporting the salt shaker through the table without envolving everybody?

I thought perhaps it was possible to add somekind of wheels to it. Later at the studio we realized it could be a rolling object. 

The result is a very simple object with a strong atitude. The shape reminds a diabolo juggler.  We hided all mechanisms and fixing elements inside to make it as clean as possible.

Juggler Salt and Pepper is not about creating a new funtionality. But about offering a new approach for a daily object.